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If the teleporters do not work, please report the bug with some details, for example the map at the DDRace homepage. Please login or register. Teeworlds allows to show very different expressions. Rootkit trojanisches pferd und malware drauf nicht downloadem. Most communication in DDRace is not via chat. The normal weapons you may know from Vanilla are modified in DDRace. Come on Dune, that’s nitpicking.

Name: teeworlds 0.5.2
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Originally Posted by freehuntx. Wie findet ihr Assassin’s Creed 3? Imo he just wanted to thank all people who made DDrace and because it’s simpler he thanks Greyfox who embodies DDRace. Leute mein Acc teewprlds gehackt, und der upload wurde getauscht. Come on Dune, that’s nitpicking. I have no special talent.

Please login or register. You are not logged in. In DDRace tees can be frozen. The client is recommended but not needed to play, you can play Tteeworlds with your favorite client. Originally Posted by freehuntx aber alles in allem ist teeworlds das sicherste spiel was hacks betrifft, dass ich kenne.

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Skip to teeeworlds content Teeworlds Forum Everything Teeworlds! Because in DDRace you don’t play versus other players, the difficulty of the race does not depend on the skills of human opponents but on the difficulty of single challenges on the map.


teeworlds 0.5.2

Nice presentation and of course, keep it up-to-date! Pages 1 2 Next. Race only have teleports and speedups All Weapons have different effects: You should always help first when there is a tee that needs help.

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It seems that perfection is reached not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away. Often the race progress is being delayed by blocking players.

teeworlds 0.5.2

Oh Dune, I do not want to become fussy about certain words; invisible user did not even use the word „creator“. These are maintainers, they teesorlds gave a great contribution to the project, but these are still not the creators you should give credit to.

Ultimate Teeworlds Client 0.5.2

That makes them dependent on the help of other tees. And if people thank me for creating teeworlds which rarely happens, too they teeworlds that I did not invent it, they just wanna thank for this great game.

teeworlds 0.5.2

Hilfe bei mir kann ich den nich öffnen der sagt nur die anwendung konnte nicht gestartet werden weil mozsqlite3. Invalid User Banned Offline. One by one fails.

You also don’t need ammunition to use any weapon. When a shotgun-ray hits a tee it will be pulled into the direction from where the ray came the shooter or the place where it bounced off the wall. Ihr habet dann den gleichen namen wie die person undzwar ohne leerzeichen hintendran Walkbot ist auch geil. Not Luck, Just Magic.



Bei mir klappt alles super. The grenade launcher has the same physical effect as in Vanilla except of the damage. Of course they don’t do any damage to other tees and also not to yourself. Additionally you can unfreeze other frozen tees with it instantly by hitting them.

Except of the damage the hammer has the same physical effect as in Vanilla. 05.2 site of the mod: Leute mein Acc wurde gehackt, und der upload wurde getauscht.

Teeworlds released – PrielwurmJaeger und Gods Of Hell [GoH]

The pistol does not have teeowrlds direct effect in the game. And only a part of them does it on purpose. Currently installed 2 official extensions. The best mod ever made.